Hello Angels,

Color contact lenses are an amazing way of adding an extra bold to your look. Color contact lenses are available in both plano or prescription forms.

I use prescription contact lenses for nine years and use the color contacts for four years. I tried many color and brands.

The most colored contact lenses are designed to mimic the natural look of the colored part of the eye (iris).

The suitable color contact lenses are depends on many factors such as your eye color. Also it depends on the kind of look you want to achieve – daring or natural looking.

My first color contacts were Freshlook in green. The lenses were very comfortable but I have dark eyes and it didn’t create a green look but hazel.

If you have dark eyes and want to try green or blue, you should opt for contact lenses in vivid color.

Today I would like to share my favorite contact lenses color and brands.

Freshlook Colors – Sapphire Blue

I highly recommend this color. I have a dark eyes and changed dramatically the color. It creates intense dark blue. I always get compliments when i wear them. The best think is its almost impossible to tel if they are my real eye color or net.

Desio – Mint Touch and Forest Green

Desio contact lenses are also very comfortable and I recommend them.

Mint touch is in blue but with a tiny hint of green. It is a very bright color (even for me) and gets attention. I personally loved the color and used it for six months but If you prefer more natural color, I recommend you Desio – Forest Green.  It is a light green but looks natural. Even dark eyes turn green with this lens.


Adore – Bi Green and Tri Green

I started to use Adore contact lenses last May in lockdown time. I was using Desio but there was no shipping because of the virus and I discovered Adore brand. I used two different colors Bi Green and Tri Green. Both of them are very natural. Bi Green didn’t change my eye color so much. My eye color turned in hazel. It is a lovely color but I prefer lighter blue and green. If you prefer lighter color like me, I prefer Tri- Green. It creates natural, lighter color. The best things about Adore brand is colors are very natural and lenses are very comfortable. I highly recommend it.

Do you use colored contact lenses? If you use, which color and which brand ? Let me know below.

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