Hello Angels,

Every season we love to make some changes in our wardrobe and beauty routine. I always follow beauty and fashion trends and new beauty, makeup products. I have a chic romantic style but if the trend fits my style, I add it.

For example,  I usually prefer nude and dark colors in fashion and makeup but since last year, I started to add vibrant colors in my makeup bag and wardrobe such as yellow shorts and blue eyeliner.

This year, vibrant colored eyeshadows, eyeliners and bold lipsticks are very popular. I don’t prefer vibrant colored eyeshadow because they are very bold for me but I love to use colorful eyeliners.

Eyeliner is must have product for me. Whether I apply for special occasion or everyday makeup, eyeliner is my go to for beauty product.

Black eyeliner is timeless but nowadays I love to use different colors. You can create smoky effect or playful cat eye.

Summer time is perfect for some changes and add some vibrant colors into our makeup bag. If you are not sure which colors would you like to add, in today’s post I am going to share the best colored eyeliners.

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Yellow

  • Bordeaux

  • Gold

  • Bronze

  • Glitter eyeliners

I love glitter so much and I don’ use them  only for special events.  I have always glitter makeup products and use them whenever I want. In past, glittery outfits and makeup was only for special events but trends are changing and glitter is perfect for day to night.

P.s: Quality of eyeliner is very important. Because some of them smudge or don’t have a high pigment.  My favorite eyeliner brands are:

What is your favorite eyeliner color and brand? Let me know below

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