Hello Angels,

There are many factors to the production of a film that complete the final result. The visual and sound effects in the movie make a significant impact on how realistic the movie is to viewers.

Making movie is a team work. A producer should pick right team to create an impressive movie. From makeup to costumes and actors to soundtrack, everything should be perfect for a memorable movie.

One of my favorite thing in movie is costumes. The costumes in a period drama reflects the period in which a movie is set.

Regardless of the genre of the movie, the costume reveals a lot about the character. It is a hard work of talented costume designers that achieve this. They illustrte through clothing a character’s personality and psychology.

Sometimes a movie character becomes iconic, thanks to the work of the costume designer. Think: Holly Golightly’s black dress in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Today I would like to share the best Costume Designers to highlight the importance of their work and its influence on cinema.

Edith Head

She was an American costume designer who won eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design. One of her contributions are Roman Holiday, The Sting, Sunset Boulevard, he Ten Commandments.

Irene Sharaff

She was an American costume designer who won fice Academy Awards and a Tony Awards.

Her contributions are Cleopatra (in collaboration with Renie), West Side Story, The King and I.

Eiko Ishioka

She was a Japanese costume designer.

Her contributions are Dracula, Mirror Mirror, Immortals.

Sandy Powell

She is a British costume designer. Her contributions are Shakespeare in Love, Interview with the Vampire, Gangs of New York, The Wolf of a Wall Street, The Aviator.

Catherine Martin

She is an Australian costume designer. She won four Academy Awards and she is the most awarded Australian in Oscar history. Her contributions are The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge


He was an American costume designer. Unfortunately, he never won an Oscar. His contributions are Romeo and Juliet, The Wizard of oz, Anna Karenina

Mary Zophes

She is an American costume designer. She has nominated for the Academy Award for Best Costume Design and Bafta Award. Her contributions are La La Land, Catch Me If you Can

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