Hello Angels,

One of my goal is becoming better in fashion illustration. I can draw any outfit I want but I am not very good in illustrating.

I took a fashion drawing and fashion illustration classes at university and in my second and third year at university, I also took lessons from different courses and professors for drawing and illustration. I can illustrate on photoshop and by using pencil and ink.I was good at it but after graduation, I quited.

I focused on improving my drawing but I didn’t do any illustration until a few weeks ago.

I see many fashion illustrators on Pinterest and Instagram and they made me desire to illustrate again.

In today’s post, I would like to share my favorite fashion illustrators.

  • Meagon Morrison

Instagram: @travelwritedraw

  • Kate Rogers

Instagram: @paperfashion

  • Megan Hell

Instagram: @meganhess_official

  • Holly Nichols

Instagram: @hnicholsillustration

  • Criss Rosu

Instagram: @criss_rosu

  • Veronika Akhmatova

Instagram: @ahvero

Who is your favorite fashion illustrator? Let me know below

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