Hello Angels,

Holidays are literally over. In holiday time, our routines change which is very normal.

Strong and shiny hair is one of the most desired goal when it comes to haircare. Thanks God, there are many products to achieve that.

Many women prefer to use heat application constantly. I was one of them and my hair became very dry. Now, I have highlights and wash my hair everyday but my hair is very healthy because I take care my hair.

My personal hair care routine is using purple shampoo (for my highlights), essential oil mix once a week ( I apply it from hair roots to hair tips and wait for three hours), hair conditioner once sometimes twice a week and use hair oil everyday. I recommend you to use hair oil everyday because our hair ruin easily because of UV lights  and an environmental causes.

Now, we are back to our normal routines so it is time to add hair care routine into your life.

In today’s post, I would like to share the best hair care products right now.

It is great for all hair types. All you need apply to your hair and leave it on for 10 minutes before shampooing. You can use up to three times a week

I haven’t  use this product yet but I know people who use it and they highly recommend it.

It is a pre treatment product which repairs damaged follicles, prevent split ends and soothe the scalp.

Until last year, I was not using hair conditioner because it was making my hair greasy. I tried Pantene’s hair conditioner to give extra nourisment to my hair and I really loved it.

This is one of my favorite purple shampoo. It eliminates yellow tones. The product contains hyaluronic acids which makes hair look soft and healthy.

I love this product and use it for years. You can use it for your hair and skin. The hair is intensely mouristurized and nourished.

What is your favorite product for hair right now? Let me know it below

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