Hello Angels,

Corona virus made us realize beauty of nature and walking around freely this year. Unfortunately many people didn’t know these values.

I adore parks and historical places in Rome. Especially walking in the early morning is like meditation for me.

Last March lockdown started in Italy and outdoor exercises prohibited. Parks were closed and we were only allowed to go out for needs such as medication or food.

Lockdown gradually eases but still there are some restrictions. At least parks are open now and we are allowed to go out for exercise which is amazing.

Especially If you are living in city center, every corner is like treasure in Rome. I am happy to go out and see magnificient historical spots and beautiful parks.

If you are living in Rome or If you are going to visit, I would like to share best spots. This year everyone needs a nice holiday and beautiful spots to chill out.

Piazza Trilussa

My first aparment was located in Trastevere and it was only two steps away from Piazza Trilussa. I am very lucky to live there. Later I had to move out because my house was very old but living in Trastevevere for six months was amazing experience for me. I still visit 4-5 times a week.

Trastevere is Rome’s most famous and loved zones. You can see many Romans and tourists all day and night long. There are many bars and restaurants there and you can spend a fun evening. I highly recommend you visit Trastevere. You will not regret it.

Villa Pamphilj

If you want to spend a time in nature and run away from noise, I recommend you visit Villa Pamphilj. It is a huge park and used to be the main estate of an aristocratic family.

So wear something comfortable and spend some time in nature.

Villa Ada

It is the second largest park after Villa Doria Pamphili. Perfect for walking, running  and relaxing. One of the most beautiful park in the capital.

Botanical Garden

It is located in Trastevere so you can visit before the relax in Piazza Trilussa.

It is a lovely park, there are a few areas you can explore such as palm garden, the bamboos etc. When you climb a small hill, you will get an amazing view of the city.

Orange Garden

It is just above the river on the Aventine hill. This beautiful park offers yo chill out with a magnificient view of Rome.

What is your favorite relaxing spot in Rome?

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