Hello Angels,

Everthing has good and bad sides. Especially 2020 was very challenging for everyone. We are in last month of 2020 and I can’t wait to start a new year.

I would like to see positive side of this era which is technology and  plenty of products. Many people thinks social media and technology have bad effects. I agree this opinion partially. If you spend limited time on social media and use it for learn new things, it is good. From news to fashion you can discover new things.

One of the benefit of technology is connecting with the people you love. Especially if you are living in different city or country, it is the perfect way to communicate with the people.

The other benefit of technology and social media is from clothes to beauty, there are tons of brands and  products to try.

One of my favorite beauty product is mascara. But with the hundreds to choose from, it’s tricky to know which one is the best especially when all have enchanting commercials. I always try new mascara and today  I decided to share the best ones with you.

Here are the best 11 mascaras right now

What is your favorite mascara right now? Let me know below