Hello Angels,

Before I visit a new country, I make research about everything that country. If you read my prevşous blogs, you will see that I am a huge food lover and before I visit Portugal I made a research about popular foods and best restaurants there 🙂

Pasteis de Nata is one of the most popular desserts in Portugal. It is a sweet creamy custard tart.

There is a popular place in Portugal which is called Pasteis de Belem. They make and sell about 20,ooo pastries every day. I think no list would be complete without a visit to Pasteis de Belem. I visited there early in the morning 🙂 Pasteis de Nata was fresh and delicious. I have a gluten allergy and normally, I shouldn’t have eaten but I could’t resist this delicious custord tart.

There are a few places who bake Pasteis de Nata but I prefer to bake at home. There are many amazing pasteis de nata recipes to try. Some of them are sugar free and gluten free. They are worth to try.

In today’s post I would like to share the best pasteis de nata recipes.

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