Hello Angels,

Grattachecca season has arrived.

The grattachecca is a refreshing dessert type originating in Rome. It has similarities with Sicilian granita.

Grattachecca is made with shaved ice, sugar and various flavours such as fruit or coffee.

Many Romans consume it during summer. There is no better refreshing treat than a grattachecca on a hot summer day in Rome. If I am at outside, I prefer grattachecca instead of gelato because gelato melts instantly and I can’t eat comfortable.

You can buy grattachecca from street kioks or gelaterias. In today’s post, I would like to share the best places to buy this delicious Roman dessert.

  • Alla Fonte d’Oro

Address: Lungotevere Rafaello Sanzio

This kiok is one of the most popular one in Rome. It is located in Trastevere. They have been making grattachecca since 1913. All flavorings are delicious but  I highly recommend you taste the lemon one.

  • Chiosco Testaccio

Address: Via Giovanni Branca

This kiosk’s coconut grattachecca is worth to try.

  • Sora Mirella

Address: Lungotevere Degli Anguillara

It is located in Trastevere which is in oppostive the Tiber Island. They have been making delicios grattachecca since 1915.

  • Lemoncocco

Adress: Piazza Buenos Aires

It is located between Parioli and Trieste neighbourhoods. The lemoncocco grattachecca is their speciality.

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