Hello Angels,

Our beauty routines changed with virus. Since last year constant opening and closing hairdressers is making things uncertain than we could ever thought possible. Some people don’t prefer to go because of the fear of virus and the others can’t go because hairdresses are closed in their country.

The good news is there are a lot DIY’s and products which can be easily used at home.

As you know me, I love to try new brands and new products. In today’s post I would like to share my favorite hair products from masks to shampoo right now.

You should apply to dry hair and leave it overnight for better results. The Sephora mask targeted to a specific hair concern without  weighting hair down. I love to use it so much.

90% of ingredients are natural

I explored The Ordinary products last year. If you haven’t use The Ordinary products yet, I recommend you try it.

This serum helps hair look thicker and healthier. There are ingredients such as Baicapil, Redensyl and Procapil.

It is a argan oil rick mask formulated for medium to thick, dry hair. It improves hydration and gives a healthy look. There are ingredients such as Glycerin and linseed extract.

It is a multitasking oil that prevents heat damage and gives high gloss, smooth finish.

It is enriched with violet pigment an Japanese technology. Neutralizes unwanted yellow tones and smooths hair with a natural glow.

It is an overnight treatment serum that nourishes hair while you sleep. It has ingredients such as Iris root extract and Five Vitamin blend.

What is your hair care routine? Which products do you use? What is your favorite product right now? Let me know below

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