Hello Angels,

Wherever you are right now, take a look around at people’s footwear. I am sure that you will see a lot people who are wearing sneakers.

It is impossible to overpass popularity of sneakers. No longer restricted to the gyms from they came from. We wear them almost for any occasion. Whether hitting the streets or go to lunch with friends, snekears are one of the best footwear choice thanks to their function and fashion.

Until a few years ago, I was opting sandals and flat ballerinas for spring/summer and ankle boots, thigh high boots for winter. I have one part in my show closet and these part is only for my sneakers right now.

While we tend to buy a lot of sneakers, it also means that plenty of brands on the market right now. I love to discover and try new brands.

I know this sounds a little bit funny but one of my method to discover new sneaker brand is looking around at people’s sneakers 😀

Rome is an international city. You can see tourists all around the world and thanks to them you can discover new brands all around the world.

In today’s post I would like to share sneaker brands you should know.

The brand is from Denmark. They have futuristic sneaker designs.

It is a French brand. It is known for sustainable sneakers. Celebrities such as Marion Cotillard photographed wearing Veja shoes.

It is a British sustainable sneaker brand. They use reused materials.

Nike has iconic sneaker silhouettes in history. It is one of the most popular brands in the world.

The German brand always something lovely to offer. From retro classics to modern designs, there is always something to buy from Adidas.

Naturally, no list of sneaker brands would be complete without Puma. They are popular anywhere in the world and its shoes are fantastic.

For people who prefer classic sports silhouettes, there is no brand is bettern than British brand Reebok.

French brand Hoka One One originally designs shoes marathon runners. However, they wuickly gained popularity and now it is one of the most preferred brand.

The iconic fashion house always have something for you. From retro to iconic Ace model, there are plenty of sneakers.

Italian luxury brand Fendi offers stylish and creative sneakers.

Italians know to design luxury goods. Tod’s use same artisan techniques used in its casual shoes and apply them to its sneakers.

What is your favorite sneaker brand? Let me know it below

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