Hello Angels,

Rome is one of the magical, romantic and ancient cities in the world. It offers culture, art and amazing spots to take photos. There are endless narrow streets, palaces and piazzas that make up one of the most photogenic place in the world.

You can see many photographers early in the morning and afternoon.

Planning a trip to Rome and want to take photos? In today’s post, I would like to share the best spots for the photo in the Eternal City.

  • Colosseum

It is an icon of Rome. Honestly the interior of the Colosseum is not quite photogenic but you can photograph exterior from all angles.

  • Piazza Campidoglio

This lovely piazza designed by Michelangelo. It is located between the Piazza Venezia and Roman Forum on top of a  Capitoline hill.

Capitoline Hill

It is one of the Seven Hills of Rome. It is a wonderful place to have a memorable view in roME.

  • Janiculum Hill

It is one of the hills that offer one of the best view of the city.

  • Orange Garden

It is one of the most popular spots for photography.

  • Ponte Sant’Angelo

It is lined with statues of angels and ends into Castel Sant’Angelo. It is a crowded place that’s why you should come really early for take some photos.

Piazza Navona

Three popular fountains located  here. It is one of the most beautiful photo spots in Rome.

  • Trevi Fountain

No list of spots in Rome could be complete without the Trevi Fountain. The fountain is always crowded that’s why show up very early to take photos.

  • Spanish Steps

It is one of the classic photo spots in Rome. You can take beautiful photos during standing in pİazza di Spagna.

  • Pincio Terrace

There is no better place to take photos of the Piazza del Popolo then from the Pincio Terrace.

  • Largo Argentina

It is a set of Ancient Rome ruins. The ruins are open air and located in the center of the square. It is an amazing spot to capture ancient Roman vibes.

What is your favorite spot for take a picture in Rome? Let me know below

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