Hello Angels,

One of the most popular questions asked about Turkey is Turkish cuisine.

Turkish cuisine is known for its infinite breadth of flavor by spices and herbs such as cumin, dill, mint and garlic. This includes pastries from central Anatolia, spicy flavors from the east and southeast and olive oil dishes from the Mediterranean coast.

Even when I cook Italian food I always add spices. I love Turkish food and I love to cook in Italy for my friends.

In today’s post I would like to share the most popular and most loved Turkish dishes by my friends.

Here is a list of the most popular Turkish foods

  • Köfte

Kofte is a Turkish version of meatballs which are patties made of ground lamb or beef.  It is served with rice, bread and grilled vegetables.

  • Borek

It is a Turkish pastry is filled with spinach, potato, cheese or minced meat. It can be layered or serves as puffs. Sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

  • Pide

It is a flat pastry base topped with ground meat, vegetables and cheese. Baked in a stove oven.

  • Yaprak Sarma

Vine leaves wrapped around a filling of ground lamb, rice, onion flavored with pepper and mint.

  • İskender Kebab

İskender kebab is long sprits of lamb cooked in tomato sauce and served over pita bread with melted butter and yogurt. It is named after Iskender Efendi (Master Alexander) from Ottoman Empire who lived in Bursa.

  • Lahmacun

It is a Turkish pizza which is more flat and crispy than pizza. Lahmacun is served with minced meat, lemon juice, parsley and lettuce on bread can be wrapped.

  • Menemen

It is a breakfast food which is scrambled eggs cooked with peppers, onions, oregano, tomatoes and paprika.

  • Mantı

It is a Turkish version of Italian ravioli. Mantı is boiled beef/lamb dumplings accompanied by garlic yogurt, butter and range of spices such as chili peppers.

  • Simit

I love simit so much. When I was at university, my family and our neighbour from Turkey was bringing me a lot of simit. Now I can’t eat gluten that’s why I started to bake for myself.

You can find simit literally everywhere, in bakeries, cafes and street vendors.

  • Baklava

It is the most popular Turkish dessert in the world. It is made of layers of filo pastries stuffed with nuts or pistachios.

  • Turkish Coffee

I can’t start my day without a Turkish coffee. You must try this delicious beverage. It is biter and thick and served in a small cup which is very smaller espresso cup.

  • Lokum

It is a simple combination of sugar, starch and water, boiled together t produce cubes flabored with lemon, rose water and other flavors. Nowadays my favorite Turkish delight flavors are browni, honey and chocolate.

Have you ever tried Turkish food? What is your favorite Turkish food? Let me know below

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