Hello Angels,

As I mentioned before, I love to go to gym so much. I follow many trainers from social media and I love to try new exercises.

Gyms are open in Rome right now (of course with new rules). I am still not feeling ready to go to gym. We are in summer and weather is amazing so I walk at least 10 km everyday.

Rome is a wonderful city for walk. Especially early mornings are amazing.

I miss my gym but I think I will not go there at least until autumn.

If you are looking forward to go to beach or wear summer bodycon dresses, you are going to want to look and feel comfortable and good. Toned legs and slim waist don’t happen overnight. Fitness and healty diet should be your lifestyle.

This way you will always be fit and will not have to do strange diets for get in shape in two weeks.

What are the best tips to get fit and look good ?

I would like to share my favorite tips.

Exercise Early

Any exercise at any time of the day is good but morning workouts are the best.  It boosts the metabolism also you will not be lazy for exercise. Many of us finds excuses in afternoons so exercise in the early morning is always a good choice.

Resistance Training

More muscles burn more calories. Don’t worry that you will look bulky. Women don’t have a enoguh hormone to muscle gain like men, instead your body will become tight, toned and slender. Toning up doesn’t only burn more calories but make you look fit and beautiful.

Weight training boosts metabolism to burn calories for a longer time than cardio. You burn calories even when you stop working out.


Only working out is not enough. You should plan your exercise schedule with diet. When you are aimlessy try to look fit and tone up, it is easy to give up. Instead plan reasonable goals make you feel motivated.

Eat Healthy

Diet is very important with exercise. Instead of eating with small amounts or skipping out on meals, eat healthy natural foods, rich in nutrition but low in calories.

Always read labels in supermarket and pick whole food choices for meals. Avoid processed foods such as potato chips. They are low in nutrition and high in calories such as fat and sugar.

Eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, low fat dairy productd and etc are best types of foods to eat for toned body.


When you try to lose weight and look toned, water is key. The benefits of water are endless. It provides muscle hydration before, during and after work out.

Water also prevents water retention and bloating (especially before period). Stick to dring water and green tea instead of soda.


Crunch and sit ups are not enoguh for perfect body. Abs exercises are the key for a hot body. Your workout schedule should contain varios of exercises.  The core should be main focus.

The plank, leg lift, criss cros and many more exercises make all areas around the abs, defined  stomach.

Exercises for Leg

Many people only focus on abs. Legs and arms are just as important as abs.

Muscular and slender legs will elongate them and making you look taller. You can ride a bile, run and some cardio to tone up.

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