Hello Angels,

My birthday is three days later. This year, I am going to celebrate my birthday in İstanbul. I always prefered to celebrate my special day with the people I love.

Preparing birthday event is fun for me. I love to plan my birthday cake and food.  Especially recent years, I prefer gluten free and healthy foods for my birthday.

In today’s post, I would like to share sophisticated birthday planning ideas.

  • Develop a guest list

I believe that birthday should be celebrated with the people you love. Before start a preparation, you should know how many guests would you like to invite.

  • Location

Will the birthday party be held at your home or will be an outdoor event? If the birthday celebration will be held at a place other than your home, you should call venues for booking.

  • Theme

You should pick birthday party theme. It is really fun. Use your imagination and pick something a lovely theme.

You can decorate the table with a lot of candles, flowers and with the classic elements.Glittery golden decors are very popular because golden tones are usually used in celebrations.

Set the table and decorate a few hours ago

  • Menu

Birthday cake is the centerpiece of the party menu. There are so many amazing birthday cake themes to order from bakeries.

Some people prefer to conduct an elaborate lunch party or dinner. I personally prefer simple tea party with delicious and healthy snacks and huge birthday cake. You can prefer gluten free menu, vegetarian menu or classic birthday party menu. There are so many delicious recipes for your special day.

If you are going to order food, call to arrange a deliver time.

Have a great birthday!

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