Hello Angels,

Today I picked Silk Dream Shawl from my online store as an accessorize. If the weather is not cold, I often prefer big shawls instead of lightweight jacket.

Big shawl season is officially started for me. In March and April weather is nice in the afternoon but cold in the morning and night so grabing shawl instead of jacket is impossible. Generally in May weather becomes warmer so shawl is ok instead of jacket.

Grabing shawl instead of jacket was impossible last year because until June weather was really cold. This year lockdown is not  completely finish and weather is amazing since April. It is hot and sunny. Lockdown is even more difficult when you have to stay at home in this beautiful weather but our health is more important than beautiful weather. We are responsible for our own and others health so we should consider the warnings.

When I am at home,  I love to wear my favorite Silk Dream Shawl with tank top and leggings. I love to wear something stylish at home, it motivates me.

Silk Dream is handmade and limited edition. It is black and gray blanket shawl so you can wear it with almost all colors. It is an elegant and versatile shawn and I highly recommend it.

Alternative Color Palette

You can use it with many colors but I prefer to use it with neutral colors. What is your alternative color palette for it?

Style Tips

  • You can style it various ways.

  • You can wear it as a top.

  • You can wear it with jeans and simple tank top.

  • You can wear it with leggings and top.

  • You can wear it with dress.

What do you think about big shawls ? How would you style Silk Dream Shawl ? Shop my pick and share your favorite looks on Instagram        @loveinromeboutique with #loveinromeboutique

Let me know your thoughts

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