Hello Angels,

Manners refer to posture, gestures and body language. Have you ever wondered why some people even they speak in polite way disturbs you? Because being elegant or trustworthy is not only the way you speak or act but also includes body language.

Non verbal behaviours such as your posture, eye contact, tone of your voice send messages. People can trust you easily or they can offent by your body language.

Whether you are aware it or not, you continuously give and receive wordless signals.

Just by one gesture can tell if a person is cultivated and refined or not. We don’t communicate just by words. Body language is a natural, unconscious language that reveals your intetions, personality and feelings.

By improving your body language, you can express yourself and connect better with people.

How we have elegant body language.

First, everything is an energy and everything starts on our mind, our thoughts.


Once Buddha said,

‘The mind is everything. What you think you become.’

There for elegant and classy mannerism is out of thoughts which become actions then habits.

Body language is a fantastic way to communicate strenght and graceful way.  What should you do with your body language?

  • Eye Contact

The eyes are referred as the ‘windows to the soul’ since they reveal about what people are thinking or feeling.

Eye contact indicates trustworthiness.You should find balance between eye contact and staring. Because staring to someone is not an elegant manner. You should keep eye contact from the top of the eyebrowns to the bridge of the person’s nose.

  • Posture

Posture reveals a lot about your personality.When you talk with someone, face them directly. Make sure that your head is always up and stand straight.

  • Handshake

One is judged by the style of handshake. To have a initiate a handshake, lean forward then extend your right hand keeping your fingers together with your thumb up and open.

  • Tone Of Your Voice

The way you speak is also a non verbal communication. SpeaK slowly and clearly. Speaking fast will make harder for other people understand you. Don’t rush, use pauses and keep your tone of voice low and confident.

  • Graceful Walk

A walk represents a good posture. Minimize the space between  your legs as you take each step.

This sounds cliche but practice your walk by placing book on your head and keep your chin parallel to the floor.

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