The Italian capital city steals hearts of millions all around the world which is the mixture of ancient and modern architecture. It is the city of seduction and passion.

I believe that when you hear or see anything about Rome, love is the one of the first thing that comes to your mind 🙂 Every street of Rome is full of surprises. Even if you have one day for visit, you should’t miss the opportunity to feel the air of seduction in Rome.

I would like to recommend you some books which are set in Rome. Maybe they can inspire you to visit 🙂

The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone by Tennesse Williams

In the book, Karen Stone is a wealthy, middle aged former actress. After her husbands death, she moves to Rome. Contessa who is the pandering madame sets Mrs Stone up with Paolo (young escort) and Karen falls in love with her young escort.

The novel adapted into a film in 1961 and in 2003.

Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

The book is about Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of self-discovery.

She was educated, married and a successful career as a writer but she was unhappy. After finalizing her divorce, she decides the traveling the world (Italy, India, Bali).

She starts her journey in Rome who spent four months in Italy. Gilbert discovers pleasure of eating in Italy.

The book adapted into a film in 2010, starring Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert and Javier Bardem as Felipe – Brazilian businessman Gilbert falls in love.


Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

It is an mystery-thriller novel. The book set in Rome which is introduction to famous and less famous sights of Rome such as churches of Santa Maria della Victoria and Santa Maria del Popolo.

The book adapted into a film in 2009, starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.

Lucrezia Borgia by Maria Bellonci

The book is about an Italian noblewoman Lucrezia Borgia who was daughter of Pope Alexander VI.

She was born in Subiaco near Rome. Before her marriage she was living in a palace in Rome.

Her life adapted into a films and tv shows in many times.

Antony And Cleopatra- Adrian Goldsworthy

The book is not set in Rome exactly but from ancient Greece to the Roman Empire, the book takes on a journey that crosses cultures.

It is an biography of two lovers one of them seductive Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the Roman leader Mark Antony.