Hello Angels,

For me, August means turning on an air conditioner and reading a nice book at home. Many people prefer to go to beach but I am not a beach person. Sometimes I go to holiday but this year I don’t have any holiday plans.

One of my favorite place to visit is bookshops. I adore the discover new books.

There are many amazing bookshops in Rome. I prefer English and Italian language books.

Sometimes I buy books on Amazon and Ibs because it is easiest way to access new releases books in English language.

I would like to share my favorite bookshops in Rome.


It is my favorite place to hang out in Rome. I can spend hours there. It is a chain bookshos in Italy with several locations in Rome. There is a choice of books in English, French and Spanish.

Anglo American Bookshop

Located near the Spanish Steps. It is a nice place to relax and discover something good to read.


It is located in just outside of Piazza Navona. It has two rooms pacl contemporary fiction and classics. The store has extended hours which is amazing for bookworms.

Almost Corner Bookshop

It is located in Trastevere and one of the best places to find English language books. There is a amazing selection of contemporary fiction to nonfiction.


It has amazing selection of books to choose from that are also in different languages. From best sellers to award winning, you can find them all here.

Minimun Fax

It is locared in the heart of Rome, Trastevere. It is beautiful, cozy bookshop. They are selection of different language books and a range of genres.

What is your favorite bookshop in Rome? Let me know below

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