Do you love backless dress?

I love backless dresses very much but until this year, I could not wear much because of It was hard to figure out what bra I need to wear underneath it. A few times, I wore with traditional bra and I didn’t fell comfortable. A normal bras don’t convenient and I never tried to wear with backless dress again.

This year, I decided to change my style and I bought a few backless dresses more but this time I was very determined to wear even in my daily life.

I went searching for bras to wear with backless pieces. There are so many bras in different styles and shapes. I tried some of them and I finally figured out which is better for me.

This year almost everyday, I wear my backless dresses 🙂

Check out my backless bra schedule 🙂

A Convertible Bra

The straps of bra attach to a normal bra and can be transformed several different styles including criss-cross halter and low back.

The bra have push up cups and seamless. It is very comfortable to wear in the morning and throughout the night.

Backless Adhesive Bra

It is recommended for small and medium size bust women.

It has adhesive in the bottom of the cups. The positive side is it gives you good structure like a normal bra and very good for small busts. The negative side is It is not very convenient for large busts because It is not strong to support.

I haven’t tried it but some girls love this but some girls find uncomfortable. I think It is a little bit depend on the brand and material.

Adhesive Silicone Cups

These are very comfortable. From small to large bust, every women can use it easily. I tried it and I loved it so much.

U Plunge Backless Bra

This is a life saver for backless and low-cut gowns. The U- Plunge bra is attaches with the sides and adhesive lined cups.It gives you a under-wire support.

Breast Lift Tape

It is convenient for A to D cup sizes. This tapes are transparet and waterproff which provides full support and beautiful shape.

It is one time use product so you can easily wear it with swimsuits.

Magic Bodyfashion Backless Beauty

Magic body fashion bra is all adhesive inside the cups ecept from the nipple area. It can be used 25 times and forms to the natural breast shape.

Your skin should be free of lotion or tanner.

Silicone Adhesive Nipple Cover

This invisible silicone cover goes with every type of dress. You can wear it confidence.

These are one size and waterproof. It is easy to remove.