Hello Angels,

Get ready to your special day with these must have products.

Weddings are certainly different since last year. One thing didn’t change: brides still want to look their best.

In 2020, beauty became a form of healthy skin and self care. Healthy skin is more important than bold makeup right now. Recent days, bridal beauty isn’t about using tons of products to use for gorgeous look. Instead, it is about chosing the right types of products that will make you look healthy and flawless.

You need to prep your skin and take good care of yourself.

In today’s post I would like to share essential beauty products for brides.

The product contains high quality natural ingredients such as almond, chia oils and lotus flower.

Providing lasting 24 hour hydration for healthy look.

It contains fatty acids, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and many other compounds that are naturally present in the skin.

This is a nourishing eye cream formulated with cabbage,  spinach and peptides.

Formulated with rose water, rose extract and hyaluronic acid.

This is formulated with aloe vera oil. It perfectly cleanse and nourishes skin in just 1 minute!

It is an amazing mask for a hydrated, radiant skin. It has ingredients such as green tea, caffeine and hyaluronic acid.

This is an antioxidant vitamin C serum. It hydrates and brightens the skin while improving the appearance of fine lines.

This serum hydrates the skin and helps repair the skin barrier.

It is a rose quearz and amethyst facial roller kit.  It improves appearance of the skin.

It is a rechargeable facial cleansing brush deisgned to give the T- Sonic cleaning benefits.

This is an illuminating treatment with color correction that helps relieve redness and reduce discoloration.

This is a moisturizing spray that refreshes the skin for a radiant complexion.

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