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Pandemic changed many things including bridal trends. Today, many couples prefer intimate weddings and unique designs in engagement ring and bridal dress.

Last year, Bridal Fashion Week too the runway both virtual and in person. The runways highlighted 2022’s bridal trends. From strapless ballgown to sexy cutouts, there are many trends for every women.

For 2022, designers presented more unique and colorful wedding dresses. In today’s post, I would like to share 2022 bridal trends.

  • Sexy Cutouts

Cutouts are trendy for years and they  turn classic bridal dresses into modern dresses.

  • Square Necklines

A dress neckline is one of the most important element in a wedding dress. This season, desing details are important and square neckline is one of the popular bridal trends. It is a modern and elegan bridal dress detail.

  • Bridal Suits

Bridal suits are popular again. From unique designs to traditional ones, there are a lot suits to choose from.

  • Voluminous Ruffles

This one is one of the major bridal trends for 2022. From ruffled hemlines to full voluminous skirts, it is an amazing trend for women who prefer something feminine and princess like.

  • Colorful Tones

Recent years, some bridal designers are breaking the rules and they design amazing colofrful bridal dresses. If you prefer something bold and unique, you can consider colorful wedding dresses.

  • Mini and Midi Hemlines

Mini and midi hemlines are popular for years. Asymmetrical designs are one of the most picked bridal dress.

  • Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves are popular since last year and continue to be major bridal fashion.

  • Halter Necklines

Halter neckines became popular with Meghan Markle in 2018. This sillhouette is still popular. It add a classic touch and provide modern but modest look.

  • Corset Bodices

Corset bodices are timeless but this year they back and better then ever. It accentuates brides figure.

  • Ballet Touches

Recent years, ballet inspired details are popular in fashion but this year it became a bridal trend. From leotard like necklines to tulle, there are lovely bridal dresses with ballet inspired details.

It is an amazing trend for women who prefer classic and modern touches in one dress.

What is your favorite wedding dress trend? Let me know it

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