What you think, you become

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create

When you apply Law of Attraction, sometimes we forget one think, buffer time. Buffer time means a time between thoughts and manifestation. There is a time between your feelings about your wish and manifesting in your physical reality.

It depends on how much resistance you offer in regards to desire. If you are sure about manifesting your wish and you have positive feeling about this, the rapidly will manifest.

The common problem is, we think of something that we desire in life and expect it instantaneously. If doesn’t show up, it means that a buffer of time.

Actually buffer of time is nice thing for us because It gives;

Time to get rid of negative feelings

Time to find a way to a positive feeling

Time to refocus

Sometimes our desires may not bring positive results. If our wishes come true rapidly, how mess would be our life?

For example, you want to study literature and you really study hard for acceptance in university. Later you realize that literature is not your subject because you don’t like to read so much. If your wish came true rapidly, you wouldn’t be happy in university. Everybody needs a time to be sure about wish.

When people begin to understand law of attraction, they will not be impatient and blame the law of attraction anymore. Because when you don’t believe in your desire anymore, your desire will never be yours.

The best example is nature. When you observe carefully, you will see that nature takes time to grow and thrive. It takes years to nurture the seed and grow into planet and even It takes years to see as a tree.

There is one reality that you should never forget, law of attraction is obedient to people’s vibration.

Law Of Attraction

There are 5 steps to manifest your desires

  • Be Sure About Your Desire

You should know what you really want in life. If you want a partner, you should know what you really want in that person. You wouldn’t like to be someone completely different from you.

Spend time with yourself and be sure about your desires.

  • Visualize

I am sure you heard this many times but this is the reality. When you really want something, you should visualize. You should feel that your desire is already yours. This is the fastest way to master.

  • Be Positive

Actually we use law of attraction everyday in our life. When you feel positive, you vibrate positive energy. The easy way to accomplish is being in present moment. Because when you be in the present moment, you attract more positive circumstances.

  • Letting Go

Letting go is the main key of law of attraction. When you desire something, you should allow to come into your experience. That’s why you should let go control your thoughts and desire.

You may be impatient and whats to see results immediately but this will vibrate negativity.

You should trust the process.