Hello Angels,

Nowadays, instances of burnout are on the rise. I hear and read a lot of experiences on social media about people who suffers or suffered from  burnout. First time, I heard it a few years ago from a popular Turkish actress. She was in lead role in a popular Turkish series and took a break from due to burnout.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware that they have burnout and they push their limit. But what is the symptoms of burnout? And what is the difference between exhaustion and burnout?

Symptom of exhaustion is temporary but burnout is a chronic stress. While burnout is not an official medical disease but there ways to identify it.

Some of the common signs are;

  • Exhaustion

People who affected feel physically and emotionally exhausted. Physical symtoms incluse things like headaches and digestive complications.

  • Low motivation and productivity

People with burnout can’t concentrate on their working/everyday tasks. They have negative approach about their tasks.

  • Isolation

According to some sources, people who have burnout, prefer to detached and isolated from people including from their family.

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process. The symptoms are subtle at first, become worse as time goes on, later, cause a major breakdown.

If you are or the person you love experience burnout, it can be challenging to heal from this condition. You need to make some changes in tour lifestyle. Some of the tips on recovering from burnout are;

  • Journaling

Journaling has proven benefits. It might take some to incorporate into your daily routine but it is going to worh it. Because it will naturally show you what makes you upset and stressful. When you discover source of your stress, you can find ways to cope it. Just take a notebook and pen, write your feeling, thoughts about anything.

  • Exercise

Exercise has many benefits. Moving your body will release hormones like endorphings. You don’t have to exercise for hours. You can walk for 40 minutes and follow workouts like yoga on social media or Youtube.

  • Have fun

Commit to things that make you feel happy. This can be listening to music or coloring the adult book.

  • Healthy diet

Eating nutritious foods like fresh fruit, vegetables and wholesome foods make you more healthy, energetic and less stressful.

  • Be more sociable with the people you love

Make time for the people you love and spend some time with them. It will make you feel better and stronger.

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