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Today I picked Sexy Back handmade cape from my online store. You guys know much I love capes right?

Capes were common during in medieval Europe, especially the hoody ones. They have periodic returns to fashion – today they are a wardrobe staple and they are permanent.

In past centuries, women were frequently wearing cape. These capes had various of styles such as short (over the shoulders or to the waist) or long ones. Short capes generally were made of fur. Today furs are less accepted in fashion world. In modern world, capes are made of silk, velvet and tulle.

If you check my online store, you can see my handmade cape tulle designs. I adore capes so much and I love to wear them over the dress, jeans and shorts. They instantly elevates casual outfit to stylish. It is a magical garment which hides an elegant outfit and adds mystery to outfit.

If you read my previos posts, you will realize that I adore romantic pieces so much. I personally believe that capes are alluring, powerful, mysterious and romantic.

This ‘Sexy Back’ handmade cape is one of my favorite product. I wear it more than two years and I still adore it.

You can check out my handmade fashion capes from here. I designed all of them with love.

Style Tips

  • There are so many options to complete the cape look. I would like to share my favorite three combinations.

  • You can wear it with jeans and boots.

  • You can wear it with jeans shorts and boots.

  • You can wear it with classic black dress and pumps.

Are you ready to embrace capes in your everyday style? What do you think about tulle capes ? How would you style handmade Sexy Back Tulle Cape? Shop my pick and share your favorite looks on Instagram        @loveinromeboutique with #loveinromeboutique

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