The beautiful Capitoline hill is between the Campus Martius and the Forum which is the most smallest of the seven hills of Rome.It dedicated to the god Saturn.

The beautiful hill  is heart of Rome which attracts millions of visitors every year. When you visit Rome, you should visit this beautiful hill. It is the top of the ‘must see’ place in Rome.

To arrive to the Capitoline Hill, many people climb the Cordonata, an elegant staircase designed by Michelangelo.

In ancient times, It was the center of the government. The Capitoline hill is border by three palaces; the Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo dei Conservatori.

In Middle Ages time, formed a new square for Pope Paul III. This square’s name is Piazza del Campidoglio or Capitoline Square. Renaissance artist Michelangelo was commissioned to do design of the square.

I love to visit this impressive hill in the early mornings and at night. Especially If you love to take photo, It is a nice oppurtunity capture amazing Rome.

Capitoline Hill View

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