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The one of the most popular event is around corner, Venice Carnival.

Venice is not the only Italian city to celebrate Carnival. Northern Italy towns organize carnivals such as Viareggio Carnival.

Celebrating carnival is very important for Northern Italians because they are close to Alps and weather is very cold.  Carnival is considered a time to have fun and eating well. What could be better than a party and good food?

 There are delicious foods during Carnival time. Throught much of Italy, Carnival is an occasion for delicious food. Every region has delicious foods to eat. In today’s post I would like to share the popular Carnival treats.

  • Lasagna with Ricotta

Who doesn’t know lasagna?  It is one of the most popular dish during Carnival. Originally belong to Emilia Romagna region.

Lasagna with ricotta is an delicious Neapolitan dish. Theu use ricotta instead of bechamel sauce.

  • Fritole Veneziane ( Venetian fritters)

This is a sugar dusted doughnuts flavored with lemon zest and rum. It contains raising, pine and nuts.

  • Migliaccio (Ricotta and lemon cake)

This is a Neapolitan Carnival treat. It is made with semolina flour and fresh ricotta cheese.

  • Pignolata  (Fritters with honey and pine nuts)

Small fritters are tossed in honey and sprinkled with festive candy confetti and nuts.

  • Cannoli

Sicily’s delicious ricotta filled fried wafers were originally a Carnival dessert.

  • Tortelli Dolce ( Sweet ravioli with ricotta and chocolate chips)

This one is baked not friend like most Italian Carnival desserts. These raviolis are healty alternatice to cannoli.

  • Chiacchiere ( Fried dough strips)

These delicious fried dough strips are very popular throughout Italy.

  • Frittelle di Mele (Apple Fritters)

These delicious sweets are perfect as a quick dessert.

Have you tried one of these treats? Let me know it below

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