Season and trends both come and go. Trends are great when our favorite styles make their way back. There is one thing never change, casual look. In fact, we can be stylish and comfortable. There are so many outfits to choose and there are many sources to get inspired. My favorite sources are Pinterest and Instagram. Sometimes it is hard to choose outfit from many great pieces. It is hard not to adore them all.

Researches show that, dressing makes us great about our appearance. You can dress up stylish because looking good makes you happy and boosts your self esteem. Feeling happy means positive energy, positive vibrations.

In your casual day, you can wear whatever you want. Whether you are going out with your partner or lunch, laid back is the best.

Casual dress code typically is T- shirts and jeans. You can wear sneakers or heels, it depends on your personal choice and style.

First to full, you should know your body shape. You probably now aware how much energy you put every for dressing, so knowing your body shape will be helpful to find most flattering and most effective outfits are best for you. Regardless of your style, knowing which style and proportion highlight your features and downplay your flaw that you look your best.

Casual Everyday Look Tips

Refresh Your Wardrobe

Refreshing your wardrobe doesn’t mean go shopping. If you want to use this opportuniy for buy new things, go for it 🙂 but I want to say, if you want to start looking your best, it is time to check out your wardrobe. If you have clothes that;

  • Don’t fit you

  • Anything that is stained or ripped

  • Unflatters your body shape – too loose- too casual or too big

  • It is time to throw away or donate.

Choose Your Go To Look

First recognize what do you love. Do you love jeans or dresses? What kind of dress do you prefer? Recognice your go to look that you love to wear all the time and build a wardrobe around it.

For example I often wear dress and flat shoes. Of course, sometimes I wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakers but my go to look is generally dresses, shorts, skirts and flat shoes.


Accessories are one of the easiest way to add style. You don’t have to chooice bold accessories like big necklaces. Some ideas are;

I adore capes so much and I love style my jean shorts with tulle capes. You can find handmade tulle capes from here.


In spring I love to wear sneakers but in summer I try to not wear them because weather is hot and I want to enjoy in sandals and wedges. You can wear sneakers anytime you want but you can’t wear sandals or wedges.

What is your favorite casual everyday look tips for Spring – Summer? Share in the comments