Hello Angels,

Getting a new haircut may be intimidating for some women. I had a short haircut for almost two years and last summer my hair grew longer. I was using hair straightener everyday and my hair became lifeless. So I booked an appointment for a haircut but honestly I was not very happy about it.

Finally, I went to a hairdresser but I picked a haircut which a little bit is over my shoulder. First week, I wasn’t very glad about it, later I adored it. Now I am not using iron and I feel very comfortable.

Once you commit to have a short hair cut, there is no going back for a while. There are plenty of haircuts to choose from and a lot of celebrities with short hair can inspire you for a short hair.

Penelope Cruz’s Natural Wavy Shoulder Length

It is a perfect length and texture for summer.

Keira Knightley’s Angled Bob

This chic haircut is perfect for illusion of thinner hair. Keira Knightly looks stuning in angled bob haircut.

Margot Robbie’s Asymmetrical Lob

Margot Robbie’s modern asymmetrical lob haircut urge us to have short haircut.

Victoria Beckham’s Stacked Bob

No one follows haircut trends like Victoria Beckham. Especially a few years ago, she tried a lot of different models. She never afraid of shorter cut. One of my favorite Victoria Beckham haircut is stacked bob. Her hair looks fuller and accentuate her cheekbones in this haircut.

Christina Hendrick’s Curl Bob

If you prefer something old school, Christina Hendrick’s curly bob is a perfect inspiration.

Vanessa Hudgen’s Wavy, Tousled Bob

Vanessa Hudgens is a beautiful inspiration for natural, thick hair can look irresistible in a short cut. Recent years, a lot of celebraties prefer bob. This haircut is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair.

Ashley Green’s Sleek Lob

Sleek lob haircut faltters and suits almost all face shapes. Also this look is super and super easy to accomplish.

Taylor Swift’s Tousled Bob With Bangs

Taylor Swift once prefering short hair. With a shaggy bob and long bang to the side make you look cool and sexy.

Emma Stone’s Lob

Lob is an another amazing cut for an appearence of fuller hair. From romantic waves to retro curls, your hair can be flattering and super sexy.

Who is your favorite celebrity with short haircut? Let me know below

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