Hello Angels,

Chestnut season has began.

There are street sellers in Rome selling freshly roastest chestnuts. Some local chestnust sellers continue to sell them even in July.

Roasted chestnuts are called caldarroste which is a combination of the words for hot and roasted.

You can take a walk through the beautiful Rome while eat a bag of chestnut from a local seller.

In ancient Rome, roasted chestnuts served as a dessert.

Recent years, I adore chestnust. I was always eating chocolate with chestnust but never ate from a local seller. First time I ate in Portugal and I really liked it. Later, I started to eat during Fall/Winter. I never tried to roast them at home. I always buy from local sellers.

There are also local sellers in Istanbul and love to eat them while I shopping.

Chestnust has many benefits and when you are out for a walk or shopping and feel hungry, you can eat them as a snack. They are delicious and healthy.

When I see chestnust sellers in Rome, I understand that Christmas is coming which makes me feel happy.

Do you like chestnust? Let me know it below

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