Hello Angels,

Italy is the home of history, culture, people and delicious food.

In summer when the temperature rises and humidity sets, there is nothing more delicious and refreshing than an Italian drink.

Italians know how to keep the heat and humidity under control with delicious icy cocktails and beverages.

In today’s post, I would like to share refreshing Italian drinks to try when you are in Italy.

Enjoy the summer with these drinks.

  • Granita

It is an icy Sicilian drink. It is a mix of water and flavorings such as juice and fresh fruit. Usually served with a spoon and a straw so you can spoon it like an ice cream or such it up like a fuit juice.

  • Limoncello

This lemon liqueur belongs to Capri and today it is one of the most popular Italian liqueur. Traditional limoncello is made from lemos from Amalfi coast.

  • Bellini

Bellini is belong to Veneto, a region in nothern Italy. It is invented in 1948 by the head bartender at Harry’s Bar in Venice. The delicious Italian cocktail that makes use of fresh peaches and prosecco.

  • Caffe Shakerato

Caffe Shakerato is a perfect energy booster. It lowers your body temperature with its cool frothiness.

  • Aperol Spritz

This cocktail come form Venice. It isone of the most preferred cocktail  during a happy hour in Italy.

What is your favorite Italian drink in summer? Let me know below

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