Hello Angels,

That time of the year has arrived, Christmas. During Christmas, Rome beautifully decorated  with lights and Christmas trees. There is nothing like shopping, meeting with the people we love and walk around the city.

Many people hate winter but during Christmas time, they don’t feel typical winter days. In winter time, days are shorter and weather is cold but Christmas lights make winter lovely.

Rome is always enchanting. In Christmas time, there are many things to do. You can visit Christmas markets and eat delicious Christmas specialities such as torrone and panettone.

One of the best things in Christmas time is most shops and restaurants are open even on Sunday.

Christmas season officially begins in Rome on the day of Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary which is on the 8th December. For this reason, Christmas decorations generally hung up on that day. Christmas ends on the 6th of January.

The Christmas market at Piazza Navona is one of the most popular markets in Rome. All in front of Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers.

This year, Bulgari brand sponsored for the Christmas tree on the steps of Trinita de’ Monti and the lights on via Condotti.

This year, 47,500 Led micro lamps used which consume 90% less than traditional systems.

And this year, because of energy saving, both the lights and the tree will remain on 17 to 22, 5 hours instead of 9.

You can find Christmas trees on the popular attractions such as Piazza Venezia and Colosseo.

During Christmas time, weather is not very cold in Rome. For this reason, walking around or eat outside of the restaurant is not problem.

How is Christmas decorations in your city? What do you think about Christmas time and decorations? Let me know it below

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