Hello Angels,

Christmas decorations make Christmas more special and unique.

Rome is wonderfully decorated with nativity scenes, Christmas trees and lights during Christmas time. You can see countless Christmas trees all over the city, among other places in front of the Colosseum, too.

Last year, Christmas was different than ever because of the Covid-19. Everywhere was decorated for Christmas but restaurants were open only for take away. There was no social life and had curfew. Rome was very silent and different. Covid-19 is still around the corner but I think this year will be less restrictions because of the Green Pass. After last year’s restrictions, it is time to enjoy in this Christmas spirit.

In winter time, days start late and finish early. It get darks around five o’clock afternoon which is very depressive for many people. Christmas decorations and lights make dark afternoons shiny.

Christmas officially stars on the 8th of December, the day of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. From this day on most Christmas markets are open in Rome. Italians generally decorate their home and Christmas tree on the December 8 but you can start to see Christmas decorations in the end of November.

If you are not living in Italy, I highly recommend you to visit during December. There are delicious Italian Christmas foods and lovely Italian Christmas traditions. The shops are decorated for Christmas and it is a lovely time to shopping and buy gifts to people you really care. I can assure you t is going to be an magnificient experience.

In today’s post, I would like to share lovely Christmas decorations in Rome.

Have you ever been in Rome in Christmas time? Let me know it below

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