Hello Angels,

Decorate the Christmas tree, snuggle up and watch one of the best Christmas movies is the perfect way to fet in the festive spirit! After all, watching a Christmas movie with a delicious hot chocolate is one of the best parts of the season.

In today’s post I would like to share the list of the most popular Christmas movies. I am sure that this lit put you in the festive spirits. Now all you need are some snacks such as cookies, cup of hot beverage and blanket!

Last Christmas

The film stars Emilia Clarke ( from Game of Thrones) and Henry Golding. It is about a girl who is a Christmas store worker and forms a relationship with man.

The Knight Before Christmas

It is a Christmas romantic movie. The films stars Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse.

The film is about a woman that has lost hope of finding love and meets Cole, a knight who has traveled from the 14th century.

Christmas in Rome

It is a Christmas tv movie. The film stars Lacey Chabert (from mean girls movie) and Sam Page. The film is about an American tour guide, Angela agrees to guide a business named Oliver about the Rome.

Holiday In The Wild

It is a Christmas Romantic comedy film which stars Kristin David (from Sex and the City) and Rob Lowe.

The film is about Kate Conrad who surprises her husband with a second honeymoon to Zambia. Her husband, Drew conffeses that he is no longer in love with her. Kate decides to go on the trip alone.

Love Actually

It is a 2003 Christmas romantic comedy film. It is a very popular movie for years. The film tells the love stories of many people.

A Wish For Christmas

Sara Thomas who prefers sidelines at work. One day her idea for a Christmas initiative is stolen and she makes a wish to Santa that she will be brave to stand up herself. Santa makes true her wish but gives only 48 hours.

Home Alone Series

Home Alone series are a Christmas family comedy films. The series revolve around children who find themselves left alone during the holiday season and faced with the challenges.

Four Christmases

It is a Christmas comedy film about a couple visiting all four of their divorced parent home for Christmas. It stars Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaugh.

A Christmas Prince

It is a Christmas romantic comedy film which is released on Netflix in 2017.

The film about a young American journalist Amber who visits foreign country just before Christmas to cover a press conference given by Prince Richard.

After some events she decides to snoop around the palace and mistaken she becomes Richard’s sister Princess Emily’s new tutor.

A Christmas Prince The Royal Wedding

It is a sequel to the film A Christmas Prince. It released on 2018 by Netfllix.

A Christmas Prince The Royal Baby

It is a sequel to the film A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. It released on 2019 by Netflix.

Christmas Inheritance

It is a Christmas romantic movie.

Heiress Alpha Ellen Langford can inherit her father’s gift business but before she must deliever a special business card to her dad’s former partner in Snow Falls. Because of the snowstorm she stucks this small town.

The Princess Switch

It is a Christmas romantic movie who stars Vanessa Hudgens and Sam Palladio.

The film is about a baker who lives in Chicago goes to Belgravia for competing in a Christmas baking competition. She looks just like Belgravia prince’S fiancee. They switch lives for two days.

Falling Inn Love

A city girl Gabriela enters a contest and wins a rustic inn in New Zeland. She stars to work with handsome contractor Jake Taylor to fix and flip it.

Harry Potter Series

Harry potter series are for every occasion but holiday season is great excuse to watch all Harry Potter series.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Let me know below