Hello Angels,

Get into the festive spirit

Nothing gets us in the festive spirit like decorating the tree, drinking hot chocolate and wearing  Christmas color palettes.

Manicure is the perfect way to add festive season into your style. Get your fingers ready to festive season by picking nail polishes in Christmas color palette.

There are plenty of holiday nail polish colors and festivemotifs for nails, such as; Santa inspired, snowflakes, candy canes, etc…

In today’s post, I would like to share holiday season inspired manicure ideas.

  • Sparky French Tips

This is one of my favorite Christmas nail idea. You can upgrade classic French manicure with gold tips and holiday accents like Christmas tree.

  • Red nails

Red is timeless also it is associated with holidays. You can opt red glitter for a shiny and timeless nails.

  • Dark winter colors with glitter top coat

If you prefer something sophisticated and timeless, you can opt deep winter colors like burgundy.

  • Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the favrorite person of both children and adults. You can add on nails to boost your mood and feel the Christmas spirit.

  • Christmas tree lights

Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? They make every street, every home shiny during cold winter time.

  • Deep green hues

Green color is also makes a part of Christmas color palette. You can opt deep green hues for a stylish festive look. You can add silver festive inspired motifs on your nails.

  • Snowflakes

You can add winter wonderland on your nails by snowflakes designs. They have also 3d version.

  • Gift wrapped

You can opt tied with a bow gift wrapping nail art to feel festive spirit.

  • Christmas nail jewels

If you prefer something bold and stylish, you can opt nail jewels.

  • Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments inspired manicure is very glamorous and fun. You can opt different ornament each nail in different colors.

  • Candy cane

Stripy shade combo like candy cane  on in colors like red-green, gold-purple is very glamorous.

  • Peppermint

This is also lovely Christmas nail art inspiration. You can opt green and white striped or red and white colors.

What is your favorite festive inspired nail idea? Let me know it below

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