Hello Angels,

Are you ready for Christmas?

Maybe this year more than others, you can really be grateful being able  to gather around the table to celebrate with the people you love this Christmas.

I don’t celebrate Christmas but I adore its spirit and love to prepare Christmas menu for the people I love.

If you are looking for more ways to bring festivities of holiday season into your home, table decorating can be one of the way.

Personally, I believe that table decoration should be as good as the food. It is nice to transfer our living room and table into our own wonderland with Christmas decorations.

How can our table look for Christmas? I know it seems tough to know where to start if you have never decorated before.

First step is it should represent your own taste.

Second step is you don’t have to purchase thousand things to create a Christmas vibes. Even a holiday flower can bring Christmas vibes.

In today’s post, I would like to share Christmas table decoration ideas.

  • Ornament Trees

You can put colorful trees the center of a table.

  • Festive Candles

Festive candles on a dining table is one of the easy ways to create Christmas vibe.

  • Candy Cane Stripes

If you prefer something simple and Christmasy, you can use classic red and white candy cane stripe ribbons as a decoration.

  • Christmas Movie Watching Party

This idea is for outside the dining room. You can put bowls with food such as popcorn, brownies and festive cookies on a coffee table and you can put a different types of pillows and blankets for snuggling while watching movie.

  • Classic Holiday Color Palette

If you prefer something traditional, you can use decorations in Christmas colors such as red, green and white.

  • Scandinavian Christmas Spirit

Recent years, Scandinavian home decorations are very popular. Neutral colors and simple textures are one of the Scandinavian decoration characteristics.

You can opt snowly motives and neutral textures as a table decoration.

  • Festive Lights

You don’t have to decorate your table strictly. You can use accessorize the ligthing above your table or add Christmas lights into your dining room.

Festive Napkin Ring

You can buy and Dıy napkin rings for Christmas.

  • Festive Napkin

You can purchase or DIY Christmas napkin as a Christmas tree.

  • Santa Hat Silverware Holders

These are actually perfect for kids.

  • Purple Table Runner

Use a purple to bring joy to your holiday dinner.

  • Personal Gift

You can purchase small gifts and put on their table is a lovely gesture for guests.

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