Hello Angels,

Personally, decorating a Christmas tree is one of the perfect way to feel Christmas vibe. I don’t celebrate Christmas but since my childhood, I decorate Christmas tree every year for New Year (December 31).

You don’t have to celebrate Christmas but still decorate your home for Christmas and have a Christmas tree.

Christmas time is a perfect time to remeber to things to be grateful for and bring merry joy and light into our home during a long dark winter.

In today’s post, I would like to share from traditional to modern Christmas tree decoration ideas. No matter your style is, you can decorate Christmas tree in your style.

  • Minimalistic and Neutral

Scandivinian decoration is popular for its minimalistic and neutral colors. You can decorate your Christmas tree with neutral textures and neutral colors

  • Purple

Looking for something less traditional? How about a purple Christmas tree? You can decorate it with gold and silver.

  • Fairy Lights

If you prefer something soft, you can prefer fairy lights instead of vibrant traditional Christmas lights.

Mix and Match

If you are not sure to decorate in traditional way or modern way, you can opt both. You can use classical Christmas ornaments in colorful colors and patterns.

  • Silver

Only silver is one of the elegant way to decorate your Christmas tree.

  • Tinsel Strands

It is a perfect vintage decoration idra. You can opt gold or silver tinsel strands.

  • Blue and Gold

You can pair blue and gold shades to decorate Christmas tree.

  • White

You can pick white Christmas tree and decorate with glittery metallic ornaments .

  • Oversize Ornaments

If you prefer something bold, you can use oversize ornaments.

  • Traditional Colors

If you prefer something traditional, you can opt colors such as green, red, gold and white.

  • Personalized Tree

It is perfect way to show your creativity. You can purchase your favorite ornaments and the letters of your family.

  • Ombre

You can decorate your Christmas three with gradient of colors such as pink, red, purple, blue, green and end with gold.

  • Berries

You can add a few sprigs of berries to add an fresh and earthy look.

  • Photo Frames

You can cover your Christmas tree with photo frames of your family.

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