Hello Angels,

Many people focus on seeing the other cities or the seeing world. In pandemic time travel, was restricted that’s why many people started to explore their own city.

In pandemic time, I discovered  very lovely places in Rome ( even though I live in Rome for then years). Today, we can visit any country without any restrictions but I still take the opportunity to explore to the city I live in. I can assure that exploring your own city surprises you.

A few days ago, I made a visit to the archaeological site of Vicus Caprarious or City of Water with my mother and grandmother. Frankly this beautiful place was unknown to us.

Vicus Caprarious is just a few steps from the Trevi Fountain. Everyone visits the popular Trevi Fountain but a few people know City of Water that beneath the Trevi district.

The City of Water discovered during the renovation of the Cinema Trevi. It is 9 meter below the surface.

Vicus Caprarius contains cistern from the imperial age. In antiquarium the finds found during the excavations are collected: decorations and coins.

The City of Water is beautiful and a lovely place to visit. Honestly, It is smaller than I expected but It is worth to visit.

In summer time, Rome is extremely hot. Hot weather is a nice opportunity visit museums, stores, etc.

When you visit places, I recommend you to wear something comfortable and make you feel stylish. Denim shorts and sneakers are one of my favorite summer combinations.

For this visit, I wore body, denim shorts and sneakers.

For reservation and more information you can check from here.

Have you ever been City of Water in Rome? What is your favorite outfit to wear when you visit museums, archeological sites, etc.? Let me know it below.

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