We will see a lot blue this year.

A new era means new challenges, the Pantone Color Institute announced that Classic Blue is Color Of the Year. It is described as a ‘contemplation of where sky and sea meet’.

Pantone picks color of the year for twenty years now and it influences industries like fashion.

The color brings to our mind the beautiful sky and serene waters. Blue color has many meanings, even I have an article about it (You can read from here)

Some people criticized Pantone over picking a safe color. It is not as flashy as Living Coral but I believe that It is interesting pick and we have tons of options in fashion. Sometimes classic choices are better than inventive choices.

Classic Blue  is timeless,versatile, simple and minimal,yet, statement color in fashion. There are manys to add this shade into your wardrobe this year. You don’t have to worry about the pairing even It will surprise you with how can be pairing with many different colors.

Fabric choice is also important. Fibers like silk and rayon brings the vibracny of the color. For example, classic blue silk dress in perfect for summer nights.

Runways are great source for figure out how to shop or style. Balenciaga’s, Marnie’s and Comme des Garcons’ are prefect guide. I share the runways’ link below

How to wear Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year?


If you are not sure color in your clothing, shoes and bags are a perfect way to add this stunning color.  Blue and black also blue and white go together perfectly so don’t worry about what color to pair it with and buy a nice classic stiletto or leather handbag and that’s perfect look.

Jackets/ Shawls

A jacket or shawl are the easiest way to add color to your outfit, especially if you are comfortable wearing black or neutrals most of the time like me. A classic blue will instantly give sophistication on your outfit.


A classic blue jumpsuit instant way to make a big statement.