Color science is a very fascinating. The researches prove that colors make you feel sexy, seductive, stress free and more. We feel colors more than we see. Without colors, life would be black and white and it would be less energy , less vibrant. Even the colors have an energy and they radiates certain frequency.

According to researches, outfit of colors proven to boost our mood. So we need to pay attention to what we wear.

Blue Color

Blue color represents sea, water and sky which is associated with nature, outdoor, freedom and inspiration. When we look at the sky or sea, we feel calmness and relaxation. It is the color of honesty, loyalty , faith and sincerity.

Blue gemstone gives you calmness, tranquailty and serenity which promotes spiritual awakening. It calms the mind and soothes your energy. Especially if you use chaotic situations, it opens the flow of communication between friends, lovers.

The term blue blood refers to a person is noble, royal. Also blue color is associated such as;

  • In the West, wearing something blue is a wedding tradition, it represents love.

  • Wearing dark blue outfit seen as rich, elegant and sophisticated.

  • Elizabethan era only the royal family would wear dress in blue.

  • Giorgio Armani made his trademark ‘Armani Blue’

  • Especially women who like blue color, it creates an air of sense of fashion and mystery and confidence. When people contact with them, feel serenity.

  • Police uniforms are blue because it associated with trust, security.

  • The term ‘feeling blue’ associated such as depression, sadness.

  • The phrase ‘blue Monday’ means feeling sad because the weekend is over.

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