Hello Angels,

Before Covid-19, I was going out only afternoons or evenings during summer because of the hot weather. One of my favorite thing was turning on air conditioner and stay home until afternoon/evening.

After Covid- 19, some of my habits are changed. When I finish my work, I immediately go out. Even if I have nothing to do at outside, I love to walk around and take some fresh air. Staying at home for months made me realize beauty of nature and going out even for a walk.

One of the best thing about my work is I can work anytime and any place I want.

Summer fashion means wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and cooler and replacing dark colors with brighter shades.

I usually prefer nude or dark colors but recent years, I started to wear bright colors such as red, pink and yellow.

In today’s post I would like to share color trends of summer 2021.

  • Pink

Pink is color of the year. From makeup to fashion, there are so many products in shade sof pink. You can choose pink dress, pink bag or shoes.

  • Yellow

Recent years, I adore yellow color and I add something yellow every season. You can always bring sunshine into your closet with yellow shade.

  • Orange

If you love warm colors, shades of orange are perfect for you. Brands like Burberry presented fantastic outfits in orange color.

  • Green

Especially mint green is very popular this year. It is a fresh and lovely shade that is perfect for summer.

  • Red

Red is timeless and always on trend no matter what the season. It is a sexy and feminine color. From deeper shade to bright red, there are many lovely red shades to pick from.

  • Coral

Coral is a lovely shade for summer. It goes perfect with metallic, nude and white colors.

What is your favorite summer 2021 color? Let me know below

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