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Sometimes picking outfits and mix and match can be difficult and take a time. Especially If you are not aware of your own color style and has little knowledge about mixing color

This an important part for building a stylish wardrobe. In this post, I would like to talk about creating a color palette for your wardrobe.

One of the most helpful thing you can do when building a  wardrobe is to pick a color palette. This allows you to figure out which colors do you love and creating combinations. With a right color palette, you can create various of combinations.

Wearable Color Palette

The one thing you should pay attention is choosing a palette that’s nice t wearable not nice to look. I love pink and yellow but I know that except some shades of these colors, I prefer neutral colors for my outfits.

When you are picking colors for your wardrobe, ask yourself? Do I want to wear this color? How can I mix and match this color?

Main Colors: This colors are the ones you wear a lot and that work well with your key pieces like coats, shoes, trousers, etc.

Neutral Colors: You should pick neutral colors that would fit your basic pieves such as trousers and tops. All shades of brown, black and white are perfect choices in this category.

Accent Colors: Accent colors are perfect for single items like skirts and accessories like bags.You can easily pair with your basics.

Mixing Colors

For versatile warbrobe, each color in your palette should be mixable. Your alternative color palette hould fulfil these;

Main Colors: Each main color should suit with each neutral, each other main color and at least two bright color shades.

Neutral Colors: Each of two neutrals should go perfectly with other shade of your palette.

Accent Colors: Each bright color such as yellow should work with at least two of your main colors, suitable with each other and each neutral.

If your color palette goes with of these criteria, you can create many color pairing and different outfits you can wear.

Alternative color palettes are not for to restick you buthelp you build a wardrobe that is perfect with your personal style. Use your palette as a guide to help you mix and match better outfits and make sure new items fit the vibe of your style and work well with your wardrobe.

Do you have alternative color palette? What is your favorite color?

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