Hello Angels,

‘The vibration of being who you are and doing what you love is magnetic. You will align everything you need in your life with that energy’ Maryam Hasnaa

Are you living the life you desire? Do you wake up with purpose feel like you are right where you are supposed to be?

Only 15% of people in the world actually love what they do in their lives. The reason some people don’t live the life they desire is because they don’t know what they really want and another reason is they are not feeling courageous to take a step.

Your conditions may not be suitable for your dream life right now but if you really know what you really want and be sure to that one day you will be achieve it, you will have a dream life.  Like Paulo Coelho’s quote in The Alchemist book ‘when you wany something, all the universe conspires in helpnig you to achieve it.

Change the quality of your days. I know you think you can’t change it. Maybe you feel stuch without the power to change anything. I can assure that is not true.

All you need to change your days slowly for a dream life.What is your dream life? Travel around the world, new career or marriage?

  • Step 1: Get clear about what you really want

Create a list of goals or moodboard you want to accomplish to get closer to your dream life. Put it somewehere where you will see it everyday. Concentrate on your vision board or list every morning and before you sleep.

  • Step 2: Break your goals into smaller steps

I know it seems impossible to achieve but breal it down into smaller makes you get closer to your dreams. As you know there is a saying ‘ Rome wasn’t built a day’.

  • Step 3: Visualize

At least 5 minutes in the morning and before you go to bed, visualize like you already have your dream life. Use your five senses while visualization.

  • Step 4: Create a morning and night routine

Morning and night routies keep you focused and present. You will be get closer to your dream life.

  • Step 5: Be grateful

Be grateful for things in your life right now and be grateful for the future what is about to come your way. When you give thanks to what you want , you raise your frequency to match what you are searching for.

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