Hello Angels,

One thing which separates successful people from regular people is intention. When you get up and just focus events take you, you are not going to reach your goal, desire. One of the way to obtain your desire is daily habits.

Accomplishing great things take time and involves constitently doing the right things over and over again. Foe example Picasso or Michalangelo wouldn’t be successful without practicing and commitment.

I lost my motivation shortly after started my own business. I always wanted to do this job ( designing clothes for my online store and writing a blog). It made me think the reasons. Because this job was my dream and I finally reached my goal.

I thought the reasons and solutions of my sadness.. I figured out what things make me feel unmotivated. I read many articles about successful people and I figured out that all of them have a daily habits.

I adapted some daily habits and I can honestly say that they changed my life. Daily habits require discipline and commitment but really worth to adapt them.

In today’s post I would like to share daily habits of succesful people.

  • Wake up early

If you read successful people’s daily routines, you will see that they start their day early to focus on their goals. Some of them go to gym, meditate or have a mindfu breakfast.

  • Digital detox

Many people look at their phone first thing in the morning. A few messages, emails and an Instagram feed scroll.

Stay away from your phone at least 30 minutes after you have woken up.

Start your day with your favorite song

Music is a perfect mood booster.  Listen something gives you happy feeling.

  • Meditate

Meditation is the practice of calming yor mind and focus away from your thoufhts. Even just for 5 minutes each day can have a huge impact on your life.

  • Practice gratitude

It is an essential practice for succesful people. They concentrate on the best in their lives instead of concentrating on negative things.

  • Surround yourself with motivating people

We are a combination of the people we surround yourself. People impact each other’s mood. If you sepnd your day with someone ungrateful and complain all day long, you are not going to feel energitized and happy.

Happy and excited people always push you to become more succesful and happy.

  • Relax

Being productive is important but you should also allow your body and brain to have time to relax. You can read a book for one hour or go for a walk. This will prevent the burnout and boost your mood.

  • Keep your space organized

A organized and clean space make always feel productive.

  • Sleep

Sleep is one the healthiest thing. Without enough sleep, you will feel tired and burnout.

  • Checklist

Write a checlist of major tasks and when you get done for the day chec them off one by one. When you complete check them off one by one, you will feel more productive and focus.

Keep yourself busy

Having a free time is important for recharge our mind and body but when you have an extremely free time, you will start to think so much and concentrate on ridiculous things.

You can read a book, watch inspiration things, anything keeps you busy and motivated.

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