Hello Angels,

31 Days, 31 Photos

Can you believe that we are almost in the end of 2020?

December is all about the decorations and holidays. There is nothing better than submerge ourselves in all of that magical festive month. Let’s celebrate the last month of the 2020 with a photo challenge.

A lot of bloggers, youtubers started to take part in blogmas again. I love everything about festive season and we should celebrate this year more enthusiastically than before.

In recent year, many of us attached to our phones. A few us aimlessly stroll around the streets. This December change our habit and give ourselves the excuse the go exploring the beauty of the world again.

Join me for a fun and creative December Photo Challenge. I will share a unique photo prompt for every day of the month from Rome. I always take photo byt first time this year I created a photo challenge. I would like for you follow me and to join this challenge. This is a perfect time of the year get creative and record beautiful moments from our every day lives.

if you want me to be able to see it, tag me on Instagram @mellisacar1 or use this  #melsdecemberphotochallenge hashtag. I would really like to see what my readers are sharing from their coutries live in.

31 December Photo Challenge

1) Your view today

2) Candy Canes

3) Inspiration Quotes

4) Gold

5) Red

6) Chilly December Morning

7) Weather

8) Christmas tree

9) Favorite Christmas quote

10) Holiday decorations in street

11) Hot Chocolate

12) Candles

13) Christmas book

14) Christmas movie

15) Pyjamas

16) Christmas cards

17) Ribbons Bows

18) Wrapping Paper

19) Gift

20) Shopping

21) Outfit

22) Your favorite spot

23) Plate of cookies

24)The night before Christmas

25) Christmas dinner

26) Morning after

27) Outside

28) Favorite memory of the 2020

29) Sparkle

30) Love

31) Celebrate