Hello Angels,

I am in Istanbul to visit my family now and I do my favorite activities during my holiday. One of my favorite things to do is visiting my favorite places and discover new places in Istanbul.

Galata is one of my favorite place and I visited Galata and its neighbourhoods last Thursday with my mother.

First, we visited Taksim square which is situated in Beyoğlu. It is considered heart of Istanbul. It was crowded even in the morning. There had many tourists and It made me happy because it was like pre-Covid time.

I was in Istanbul in last December but I couldn’t visit many places because there had lockdown.

After Taksim, I visited Galata. There is a lovely cafe next to Galata Tower which is one of my favorite place for coffee and San Sebastian cheesecake. Last time, I didn’t visit my favorite cafe instead I tried different cafe which is called Viyana Kahvesi. They serve cheesecake with chocolate sauce. Their cheesecake was delicious but I prefer the other one.

The weather was very cold but atmosphere was amazing because it was snowing.

Coffee and cheesecake ritual later we decided to visit Galataport. Galataport is located in the shores of Galata, Karakoy and Tophane neighborhoods, in the entrance of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn. The port offers culture, food, shopping and art experiences. It was really nice to walk, enjoy the view and discover the stores for shopping.

I also visit Nişantaşı district. When it comes to fashion and food, Nişantaşı is where you will find the best. Especially in New Year time, the district is decorated so beautifully but we were very tired and we just returned to home. If you visit Istanbul, I highly recommend you to visit Galata and Nişantaşı.

Have you ever been in Istanbul? If you have been, what is your favorite place? Let me know it below

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