Hello Angels,

That time of the year is around the corner.

Festive time is magical. It makes freezing, short winter days cozy and fun. Decorations, delicious treats, colors and Christmas lights are some of the reasons to adore festive time.

Fashion is one of the way to bring full of holiday theme. How much easier it is to get dressed when we plan what to wear?

Little planning does wonders. With the holiday season upon us, December wardrobe challenge may be helpful to wear something cozy, comfortable and stylish. It is also wonderful way to organize your wardrobe, create different looks and feel holiday spirit.

You don’t have to buy all new clothes for this challenge. You can be creative what you have.

December – holiday wardrobe challenge is amazing for full of holiday themed looks to carry all month long.

December – holiday wardrobe challenge

  • Plaid

  • Mix prints

  • Sweater in Christmas color palette (Red, green, gold, white)

  • Metallic color accessories such as scarf or hat

  • Christmas movie inspired outfit

  • Jumper dress in Christmas color palette

  • Sequins

  • Christmas themed pajamas

  • Shine like a star

  • Something in gold color

  • Hot chocolate look

  • Christmas tree

  • Velvet in Christmas color palette

  • White winter

  • Gingerbread color tones

  • Mistletoe ready look

  • Lady in red

  • Claus inspired look

  • Jewel toned shoes

  • Sparkle makeup

  • Christmas lights

  • Something festive

  • Christmas tree green

  • Christmas sweater

  • Something in Christmas color

  • Party dress

  • Wear something silver

  • Gold with purple

  • Shimmery sweater

  • Day to night

  • Total sparkle

What is your favorite holiday themed outfit? Let me know it below

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