Hello Angels,

Being stylish and elegant don’t require huge effort and budget. With so many emerging fashion styles, elegance seems the hardest to manage.

Elegance lies in simplicity. Today, there are plenty of brands and clothes. Many women buy without consider the details and quality.

A quality of materials and details make dress elegant. For example, little black dress is timeless but if it is made with cheap fabric, it will look horrible.

You can look elegant even in simple clothes.  The secret is details. If you know elegant details in dresses, you can easily make right combinations.

In today’s post, I would like to share details which make dress stylish and elegant.

  • Pay attention to quality of fabric

A high quality of fabric is the key for dressing elegantly. You can opt fabrics such as linen, cotton and wool.

  • Décolleté and slit details

These details look sexy and elegant if it is in modest. Dress should have one sexy detail. For example if dress has high slit than it shouldn’t have revealing decollete.

  • Backless dress

Backless dress is one of the sexy and elegant dress detail. If the dress is backless than it shouldn’t have decollete or slit. Only one detail looks better. But in some types of fabrics and dress style, can be accepted more than one sexy detail. Because of the quality of fabric and style of the dress.

  • Hemline

Always opt dresses that will elongate your legs.

  • Color

Black always accepted as elegant color. Yes, I agree but some dresses styles and fabrics look elegant in bright colors. The key is quality of fabric.

  • Size

Size is an another elegant detail because if you wear sizes that don’t suit your body type, you will not look elegant. All figures can look elegant if you pick the right size.

  • Volume

For an elegant look, avoid too tight clothes. A high quality bodycon dress is an elegant dress option.

  • Embellishments

No one can deny that tasteful embellishments are an amazing dress detail. They make the differences and add elegance.

There are many types of embellishment styles such as lace, sequins, ribbons and more.

The quality of embellishment is very important. Because the bad quality of embellishment can make dress look cheap and trashy.You should find the high quality ones.

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