Hello Angels,

For generations, right way to eat in order have a attractive imposed on us.

According to researches, first weeks of new year words like diet, detox and workout subscriptions are spiking because after all January is for  to adapt New Year Resolutions.

First week of January many people feel under pressure about bad food choices they made over the holidays.

Personally, I believe that it is a wrong approach. Ok, there are some foods that are not healthy and bad for our body but they can be eaten once in a while. Holiday means gathering with the people we love, eat and enjoy.

With the rising of popularity of social media, diets became more popular. Unfortunately,  diet is like a fashion trend. Every year new type of diet emerges and become popular. There are many girls influenced these diets and try them. Some of these diets are dangerous for our health. If you need to lose weight or maintain your weight, a nutritionist should prepare a healthy diet list.

Diet culture has many definitions but in popular culture it means people who have ‘correct size’ and eat the certain foods to maintain its weight (heathy or unhealthy way) which I don’t agree.

Following new emerging diet is very normal in diet culture which is actually bad and might be dangerous for your health. Diet is not a fashion trend to follow new one every season.

Personally, diet culture should symbolize healthy eating. Diet word associated with restrictions that’s why many people hate to follow a healthy diet. Healthy diet should be part of our lives which includes a lot of vegetables fruits, nuts and legumes and cheat meal once a week.

Diet culture and fashion is linked with each other. I now these are two different subjects and I am sure that you are thinking now how do they linked with each other.

Do you remember early 2000s trend ultra low rise jeans. Many girls influenced by this trend which promoted size 0 and eating disorder increased.

Weight weaponized against women and being thin became an ideal body.

In fact, there is no right body size. Ok, overweight has many disadvantages for our health  but it shouldn’t be linked with fashion.

These days, eating healthy is more important than size 0. Still social media and some fashion campaigns concentrate on thin girls. But there are so many fashion brands and social media pages that showcase all body types.

In past, fashion models were very thin and they were promoting size 0. Today, when we check models like Gisele Bunchen’s Instagram pages, we see exercise and healthy eating are their priority.

What do you think about diet culture? Let me know it below

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