Hello Angels,

The field of fashon is endless and offers many career opportunities. If you are willing to pursue a course in fashion and are looking for a suitable career that align your requierements, you will have many options to choose from apart from becoming a fashion designer.

Fashion design and fashion stylisht are the most popular career options and these are usually confused with each other.

When I decided to study fashion design, I didn’t have any knowledge about drawing and sewing. Education consultant suggested me to study fashion stylist instead of design because studying fashion design without having skill of drawing and sewing is very challenging and stressful.

Actually studying fashion stylish was a better option for me. But I had a huge desire of design outfits (still I have) and I decided to study fashion design.

If you desire to become succesful fashion designer, you have to face stressful days and sleepless nights. You must control every process of the collection (from sewing to fitting on mannequin or model) you will present.

Difference Between Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylish

Fashion Designer is responsible for designing and creating outfits whereas Fashion Stylists put together pieces of clothing and prepare his/her client.

Fashion designer is responsible of sketch, create the pattern, fabric, sewing and fitting the garment to his/her client.

Fashion designer creates the fashion trends and the fashion stylist studies the trend and coordinates garments/accessories to plan the complete look for their clients. They make person look aesthetic and fashionable.

Fashion designer should have the following skills;

  • Creative

  • Eye for detail

  • Good understanding of fabric and colors

  • Understanding of the market

  • Sewing knowledge

  • Observant

  • Persuasive

  • Ability to work under tight deadlines

  • Innovative

  • Ability to deliver what is desired

Fashion stylish should have the following skills

  • Follows the latest fashion trends

  • Good communication skills

  • Friendly

  • Innovative

  • Good understanding of colors

  • Ability to understant client’s desire

  • Creative

  • Good problem solving skills

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